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High End Repack


This the first repack I am running primarily because I have a bunch of extra $1 to $20 valued Magic cards laying around and I do not want to spend the time listing them all on eBay or selling them to a dealer for half their value. Since I enjoy buying repacks on eBay, I decided to offer my own. Click here to get your repack!

Many of these cards came from a completely signed and foil cube that I am breaking down. I was hoping my wife would play with me but she never does. I also have a few extra pieces of power, dual lands, and other high end cards I have accumulated throughout the year that I am including in order to make this repack awesome.

While essentially all repackers are looking to make money, my goal is to move my cards at a fair price, so I am pricing the entire lot such that 85% of the value of the cards is being returned the buyers on average. (I am keeping a bit to pay for PayPal fees.)

The total value of all 1,230 cards in this repack is $10,238. To account for my fees, I need to sell the entire lot at about $12,000. So, there are 123 repacks with 10 cards each, bringing the price per pack to $98. I am discounting the price a bit for buyers here at 

There will be no duplicate cards in any pack. 

Each pack will contain at least three foil signed cards.

I am including free shipping with tracking because, in my opinion, making the buyer pay for shipping is lame.

I urge all buyers to open their repacks on YouTube and Instagram and link back to this sale. I am proud of what I am offering! However, when you leave feedback, please don’t post specifically what you get because it is unfair to me for buyers to know which cards have been removed from the lot.

This repack features a wide assortment of unique high end cards that will look great in any deck or Cube. There are lots of old school, altered, signed, and foil cards included. The vast majority of cards are English and are either near mint or slightly played, although some of the older cards may be in played condition.

Here is a complete breakdown of all cards that you could possibly get in this repack:

Unlimited Mox Ruby valued at $700

Unlimited Mox Emerald valued at $700

Winter Orb Beta Altered valued at $250

Imperial Seal Judge Foil valued at $180

17 revised dual lands (4 Tundra, 4 Volcanic Island, 1 Underground Sea, 1 Tropical Island, 3 Badlands, 4 Plateau)

5 cards valued at over $100

20 cards valued between $25 and $99

67 cards valued between $10 and $24

74 cards valued between $5 and $9

393 cards valued between $.50 and $4

176 decent signed cards valued at $3 (the signatures cost $2 each)

327 decent signed common and uncommon foil cards valued at $2 (the signatures cost $2 each)

119 bulk rares valued at .10

Since I know everyone wants the chance to get a Force of Will but there are none included in the repacks, as an added bonus, for every 4 packs you buy, I will include a sealed pack of Alliances for free. 

Here are some rough odds to let you know what to expect:

The odds of getting one of the two Moxes is 1 in 61.5. (1.6% per pack)

The odds of getting one of the cards valued at over $100 or a dual land is 1 in 4.5. (22.2% per pack)

The odds of getting one of the cards valued at over $25 is 1 in 2.7. (37% per pack)

As you can see, if you get at least 3 packs, you are highly likely to get at least something decent while having about a 5% shot of picking up a Mox. Of course, you will also get lots of other signed/foil/awesome goodies.


You may be asking why I do not add in tons of bulk rares and other garbage to make a bunch of packs to drive down the price of each pack to a more affordable $9. It is because I don’t have a bunch of junk (I only bought cards that are actually playable) and my 900+ followers on Instagram (same name as my eBay account) said they did not want another repack offering a tiny chance of getting a high value card. They suggested I “spread the wealth” by adding a bunch of $25 to $100 cards so that even if you lose some value, it usually isn’t that much.

To ensure you do not get completely hosed, each pack will contain:

At most, one bulk rare.

At least one card worth at least $5 (there can and often will be more than one in each pack).

So, the absolute worst few packs out of the 123 pack lot will contain a $5 card, a $4 card, at least three signed foil cards, a few $.50 – $1 cards, and a bulk rare, making it worth about $20. That is the worst possible outcome. While I understand that is far from ideal, it is not like repacks where most packs are bulk rares and uncommon cards that are essentially worthless. Every single pack in this offering has some actual value.


Of course, the best packs are worth at least $700. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on Twitter or Instagram at DailyMagicMuse. 


Here are some of the other high end cards available in the repack:

4 Liliana of the Veil Innistrad

Mana Crypt Book Promo

Island of Wak-Wak signed

Life from the Loam foil Ravnica

Psionic Blast signed Beta

Kaalia of the Vast foil

Worship signed foil 7th

Old Man of the Sea

Illusionary Mask Unlimited

Fellwar Stone signed foil

Platinum Emperion signed foil

2 True-Name Nemesis signed

Karplusan Forest signed foil

Intet, the Dreamer signed foil

Venser, the Sojourner signed foil

Ajani Steadfast signed foil

Strip Mine signed foil

Underworld Dreams signed

Crosis, the Purger signed foil

Copperline Gorge signed foil

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger

Goblin Piledriver DCI foil

Doran the Siege Tower foil

Morphling signed DCI foil

Avenger of Zendikar signed foil

Gideon Jura signed foil

Sublime Archangel signed foil

2 Maze of Ith signed

The list goes on and on…See the pics!


No proxy/fake/counterfeit/etc. cards are part of this sale.


If you are not from the U.S., please contact me to figure out shipping costs. 

Absolutely no refunds. 

Click here to get your repacks!

I am an avid player and collector of Vintage Magic: the Gathering cards. If you are looking for something specific, let me know and I will see if I have it available. Also be sure to check out the other items for sale!

Thanks for checking out this repack and helping me move some of my cards. I appreciate it!

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